Jumat, 20 Januari 2012

AQW Rep, Gold, XP's and Class points free boosts

cheat exe here The system is simple, you get the packet, open any trainer who has something to put a packet and send these codes, noting that

they will only last 10 min . because it is free samples

1) Class Boost: %xt%zm%getMapItem%1%516%

2) Rep. Boost : %xt%zm%getMapItem%1%515%

3) XP Boost : %xt%zm%getMapItem%1%366%

4) Gold Boost : %xt%zm%getMapItem%1%365%

image :


Note: Iam sure that there is no risk but Before using the packet into your account make a real test in another account if you wanna make sure that there is no risks

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